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Shanghai Science Peptide Biological Technology Co.Ltd was set up in 2004 in Shanghai China which is an earlier-established peptide company. Our employees have rich and long-standing expertise in custom peptide synthesis. Our team of approx. 70 highly trained and skilled employees has built a substantial know-how in all areas of peptide applications and is the basis of our success. The success rate is higher than others.

We value the quality as lives. As the company create a sound structure of company, Especially QA/QC department, both of which are only responsible for the quality of peptide. If we compare synthesis and purification department as athletes, QA/QC are just like the judges. All our products cannot be sent to customers unless given by the final check of QC. We furnished the equipment according to the standard of pharmacopoeia. With the reliable result, you can rest assured to use our product.We build the whole technique process of peptide synthesis on the basis of GMP standard. For the logical plan of each producing step, we form equivalent SOP.

If you need to apply your researched peptides, we can offer one-stop service, including the most reasonable and professional advice for choice of technique, the stability research as well as necessary material composing.

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