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Deslorelin Acetate,57773-65-6

Deslorelin Acetate,57773-65-6
  • CAS#:57773-65-6
  • Product Name:Deslorelin Acetate
  • Size:1g or more
  • Supply Ability:500g/two weeks
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  • Lead time:Within 12 hours after receiving payment
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Deslorelin Acetate-Physiochemical properties

      Sequence(Single-Letter Code): Glp-HWSY(dW)LRP-NHEt

      Sequence(Three-Letter Code): Glp-His-Trp-Ser-Tyr-D-Trp-Leu-Arg-Pro-NHEt

      Number of residues:     9aa

      Molecular weight:     1282.45 g/mol

      Extinction coefficient: 6970 M-1cm-1

      Iso-electric point:     pH 11.2

      Net charge at pH 7:     1.1

      Estimated solubility:     Poor water solubility.

      Storage:store in cool, dry, ventilated place

      PSA:     444.83000

      LogP:     4.03430

Deslorelin Acetate Description

      Alternate Names:GLP-HIS-TRP-SER-TYR-D-TRP-LEU-ARG-PRO-NHET;[D-TRP6, DES-GLY10]-LH-RH ETHYLAMIDE;DESORELIN;DESLORELIN;deslorelin acetate;DESLORELIN (HUMAN);DES-GLY10,[D-TRP6]-LH-RH ETHYLAMIDE;(DES-GLY10,D-TRP6,PRO-NHET9)-GONADOTROPIN-RELEASING HORMONE,    6-D-Tryptophan-9-(N-ethyl-L-prolinamide)-1-9-luteinizing Hormone-releasing Factor (Swine) Monoacetate; Bachem 9022 Acetate; D-Trp LHRH-PEA Acetate; D-Trp6-Pro9-N-ethylamide-LH-RH Acetate; H 4065 Acetate; PTL 3001 Acetate; Somagard Acetate; [D-Trp6,Pro9-NHEt]LH-RH; [D-Trp6,des-Gly-NH210]-LH-RH Ethylamide Acetate; [de-Gly10,D-Trp6,Pro-NHEt]-LH-RH Acetate; Ovuplant

Deslorelin is a synthetic analogue of a naturally occurring luteinising-hormone releasing hormone (LHRH). Bioavailability is almost complete.

Deslorelin was successfully trialed in the US and was approved for veterinary use under certain circumstances. In Europe, it was approved for use in equine assisted reproduction.It is also being trialed in humans to study its efficacy in treatment of breast cancer in women, and in treating precocious puberty and congenital adrenal hyperplasia in male and female children

Deslorelin Acetate References

1. Deslorelin Combined With Low-Dose Add-Back Estradiol and Testosterone in Preventing Breast Cancer in Premenopausal Women Who Are at High Risk for This Disease

2. Three Drug Combination Therapy Versus Conventional Treatment of Children With Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia - National Institutes of Health Clinical Center

3.Effect of N-methyl substitution of the peptide bonds in luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists

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