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Biblioteca de Peptídeos

Biblioteca de Peptídeos

Biblioteca de Peptídeos
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Overlapping Peptide Library

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Biblioteca de Peptídeos
As a complement to our peptide library services, Scipeptide provides 6 free peptide library design tools to support research projects from structural biology to vaccine development.

Scipeptide Peptide Library Advantages:
Competitive prices: Most cost-efficient on the market, starting from $25/peptide.
High-throughput capacity: More than 10,000 peptides/month.
Flexible purity choices: Crude, desalt, >70%, >75%, >80%, >85%, >90%, >95%, and >98%.
No cross-contamination: Peptides are supplied in individual well-labeled vials.
Stringent quality control: Scipeptide provides Certificate of Analysis, MS, and HPLC validation data for each
Instant online quotations: Conveniently submit your peptide library request through our online quotation system.
One-stop downstream services: Scipeptide provides epitope mapping service, binding assay, and functional
assay services for your drug discovery research.

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