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We provide the documents for each peptide including HPLC, MASS as well as COA.
Samples are as following:

The responsibility of QC:we provide the equipments according to the Pharmacopoeia for QC . Then QC take the final check of the synthesised peptide and issue the right and objective document to ensure the quality of peptide.

The job of QA:establish SOP(Standard Operation Procedure) for each peptide synthesis position and monitor every employee to carry out the procedure .Meanwhile we set up the verified system for all raw material ,which only those meet the quality standard can be our supplier .QA need to check and take notes of every batch of material .Besides they pay attention to all the details related to quality during peptide synthesis process

For the quality of peptide,we don’t only focus on the documents of HPLC and MASS .But also we are concerned about all factors related to the quality of peptide .For example ,the water used for purification .We choose the PO water,whose specific resistance reach 18MΩ*cm The kind of water doesn't contain bacteria or Virus or metal ion . Many companies use the RO water , which can also pass the examination of HPLC and reach the required purity .But during the lyophilization, impurities can be concentrated in peptide,which can have effect on the quality of peptide,thus the result of experiment..

It is common to use acetonitrile of AR standard as mobile phase in purification. We choose higher acetonitrile of HPLC standard. Although it is twice the cost to do this,   we spare no effort to do this.

The last step,  lyophilization After purification , peptides need to freeze before lyophilization. It is common practise to put the liquid peptide into the low-temperature icebox to froze. Considering the sensitiveness and bio-activity of peptides, we use liquid nitrogen. Put the container filled with liquid peptide into liquid nitrogen. Then turn the container quickly to make the peptide into thin ice. Then put it into vacuum refrigerating machine to freeze drying. Although it is much more expensive to do so,but it utmostly reserve the bio-activity of peptide,which leave a better state of peptide,making it easy to dissolve peptide.

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