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Technological superiority

1. insulin synthesis
insulin includes 21aa in link A and 30aa  in link B. Among them there is a pair of disulfide bond in molecules;two pairs of disulfide bond between molecules; while every pair of disulfide bond need to locate to form disulfide bond,so that there are three different kinds of protective measures.The success rate of synthesis disulfide bond is very low,thus it is more challenging as one more pair added. Besides, disulfide bond between molecules also much more difficult.

Most peptide companies lack the courage to complete the technical problem of insulin synthesis. Few can do it,so it is a symbol of technical level of a company. Luckily we can do it and reach the top level of bioactivity.


3. Stapled Peptide synthesis

4. isotope labeling peptide
  The raw material of isotope labeling is very expensive,only the company possess high level in synthesis can reduce the cost,thus benefit customers.

5. PNA synthesis
  PNA is a sequence based on the frame of peptide bond,is a kind of usage of peptide synthesis in DNA,which requires high level of technology. There are many peptide synthesis companies, but there is few that can accomplish PNA synthesis.

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