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To promote the communication and cooperation among experts in Biochemistry and molecularbiology,China's Biochemistry and molecular biology association will hold academic conferenceon 20-23th Oct 2016 in Hangzhou ZheJiang Province. Our booth NO is T11,welcome to visit.

1.the theme of conference:Integrative Biochemistry

2.the time:20-23th Oct in 2016(register on 20th,conference from 21th to 23th AM)

3.the address:Hangzhou the first world hotel(NO.2555 fengqing avenue Xiaoshan districtHangzhou)

4.The number of partipants:2000-2500

5.The sponsor:China's Biochemistry and molecular biology association  The undertaker:Zhejiang province's Biochemistry and molecular biology association,Zhejiang university,Shanghai institute of biochemistry and cell biology research instituteof Chinese Academy of Sciences

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